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At Lutterworth Archery Club we recognise the importance of providing as much information as possible, to new and well established members, to ensure they have everything they need to fully enjoy the sport.

Whilst we recommend talking to coaches or experienced archers, if you have any questions or queries, there is no harm in acquainting yourself with archery terminology, tuning guides and helpful hints.

If in doubt of anything you heard, read or been told please feel free to ask. We are here to help.

If you feel additional content is required to enhance this page then please email with your suggestion.

Also, if you have any question about any of the information on this page please email in using the above address.

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Easton arrow tuning and maintenance guide

The Complete Recurve Archery Guide

Please note that none of these publication were written by Lutterworth archery club and therefore any credit needs to be applied to the author rather than the distributor.